The Lifetime 1301 Pool Side Basketball System is a attractive hoop for the pool which sits directly alongside it. There is a 44-inch broad backboard made from polyethylene that is adorned with a water picture that fits right in at the poolside. The backboard handles to bounce the ball directly back into the pool to avoid needing to scale out to accumulate it too frequently.

The steel rim is gloomy hammerstone, therefore it is identifying and 18-inches in diameter to match the regulation dimensions. There is a powder coating within the steel, but it is nonetheless a fantastic idea to include your very own protective coating to prevent rust build up .

The telescoping steel rod adjusts for height from 4-feet to 6.5-feet in its greatest setting. The foundation fits 27-gallons of water or sand to balance it and make sure it does not ever fall in the pool.

The item is well assembled. It takes some time to put together and can be tricky to do to a few people

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